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Many a times, we have witnessed a good blog transforming into a successful book. Some of the most evident examples are: “This is why you are fat” from Jessica Amason or “Twitter Wit” from Nick Douglas, which instantly became best sellers. No doubt, this maneuver is perfect in its own. But today, I’ll be taking a road much less trodden. I’ll be trying to implement a novel written by me in the form of a bi-weekly blog. To be honest, there won’t be any graphics or audio that will make this blog visually appealing but, its content will make up for all the lack of luster, I guarantee.
      Novels are great. We sit down with a coffee mug and in a single or few multiple long stretches of time, we reach the end of the novel to find out who was the murderer or the marauder (in most cases). Let’s admit it though, many of us don’t have that amount of time or at times we feel disappointed when the adrenaline rush plummets after a classic thriller ends in just a few days. We all want something …