“What happened inside the sanctum?” – Sazar asked as a group of guards helped the wounded Lord climb out of the mountain. “Things you cannot even begin to fathom Sazar!” – A terrified voice muttered. “But who did this to you and how?” – Sazar was befuddled. “Mad Cow! I was in that shithole for like three hour-glasses! And none of you fools came to check in on me…” – Blasius was ferocious. Workers, slaves, guards, soldiers whispered and chattered like a fish market. None had any clue about what was going on. To bring order to the crowd, Blasius regained his sense of the surroundings and said – “Seal this tunnel, we’ll be leaving for the capital tomorrow at the first ray of sunlight.” The slaves put down their tools and after a long time took a breath that truly made them feel alive. They didn’t care what was inside the sanctum be it gold, gemstones or dark nothingness. All they knew was that they were going back home to their filthy but cozy beds!

      “I don’t see any chest or hell even a bag of gold!” – a guard grumped. “It takes hundreds of men to determine the fate of a legend but a single legend has enough power to determine the fate of entire mankind!” – Cicero replied pensively. The guard didn’t seem to understand what Cicero meant but nodded anyway. Blasius entered his chamber and bolted the door. He carefully entered his hand inside his robes and took out a gleaming blue cube. His eyes reflected the blue sparkles devilishly. After gazing at it for some time, he wrapped it up in a clean piece of cloth and kept it safely inside the cupboard. Outside, Cicero was demonstrating his fighting skills to a group of soldiers in the arena. Blasius came out of his chamber with a sealed bag and called for a horse-rider to deliver letters to the King. “I believe these letters contain sensitive information about what you discovered inside that mountain. If it were to get in wrong hands, who knows after a failed expedition, we might even witness a doomed excavation.” - Cicero said as he whistled for his horse. Sultan came cantering towards him loaded with supplies for the journey. “High Fort can wait. I’ll deliver these letters myself!” – the shrewd knight took the bag from the apprehensive Lord. “It’s going to get dark soon, don’t you want some company?” – Blasius asked. “It’s full moon. I’ll have all the light I need. Besides, I work better when alone!” – the knight waved a goodbye and Sultan started to gallop towards Herz, the capital city of Fortis.

      Cicero had left the encampments far behind him. He was drowsy, passive and had now reached the densest part of the Horrow’s Jungle. The Moon cast light upon the paths on which Sultan galloped tirelessly. “Light it… Light it up now!” – a voice yelled. Bright flames of fire emerged just a few feet-spaces away from the hooves of Sultan. Cicero knew the horse wouldn’t stop at this pace so he gave a mighty jolt to Sultan’s bridle. With a loud neigh, the white beauty subdued the yellow beast and leapt over it. Cicero regained control of his horse and hopped down to confront the green caped man standing in his way. “Only a Bounty Hunter would think he could take down a knight with Ashwood fire!” – Cicero mocked. “Not a bounty hunter, ten bounty hunters!” – the man said as he drew his sword and nine others jumped out of trees and bushes to surround Ser Cicero. “Time to see how good the brave knight really is?” – the Crooked Captain said. “If you really want to see how good am I, why don’t we give it a go? Just the two of us, not your pet kittens!” – Cicero took his combat stance. The captain came howling at him with his sword raised high. Cicero deflected the strike and counter-attacked with a mighty kick in the Captain’s gut which made him tumble to the ground. “Not so easy defeating the brave knight now… Eh?” – Cicero boasted. “You are right! We are not as good fighters as you Knights. But unlike you, we don’t have a moral code. At desperate times, we can blissfully stab our enemies in their backs and not bat an eye.” – the Captain sneered. Cicero knew what it meant and turned swiftly in defense. “Turns out it was not so difficult either!” – the Captain brought about his killing stroke. Watching his rider getting stabbed, vicious Sultan gave a loud neigh and came down charging towards the Bounty Hunters. A few of them became sweet offerings to the blood lusty hooves and bites of Sultan but they had the numbers. After taking a few slashes, the wounded horse fled towards the dense jungle. “Do you want us to find the horse?” – Nico asked. “No. It’ll bleed to death anyway!” – The Captain replied. Figar opened the bag that lay on the ground. It contained several manuscripts – ‘Inventory details’, ‘Troop attendance’, ‘Material and Supply’ and a small sealed note. The note was given to the Captain who read –

Your grace, the excavation has come to its fruition. We’ll be leaving Horrow’s Jungle at the first ray of Sunlight. Greetings!


      The Crooked Captain tore the note to pieces and said - “The night is here. The night we all have been restlessly waiting for. Take a good look mates, this is how the calm before a storm looks like. Feed this piece of shit to our voracious hounds. It has been ages since they gobbled down some royal meat. Let’s move!”


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