“Move it you lazy asses!” - howled the stout commander in an insolent voice. There was a flurry of haste all around in the lush green HORROW'S JUNGLE where the monsoon had just ended. Horrow’s Jungle was a large dense patch of forest situated far from the capital of FORTIS. It was named so because the forest was home to a variety of vicious species of animals and had barely witnessed any interference from man. The climate of the Horrow was such that it received heavy rainfall for half the year and scorching heat for the other. In the center of the jungle, stood the HORROW'S SUMMIT - a 4000 feet tall mountain.
           Hundreds of workers and slaves dressed in shabby white gowns were throwing their tools hard at the rocks for months now to dig a tunnel in search of THE SANCTUM inside Horrow’s Summit. The clinking voices of metal hitting solid boulders echoed for distances. Vegetation was burnt on a large scale around the mountain to set up encampments, chambers, watch towers, armory, training arena and the open kitchen. A private chamber was built for Lord Blasius, in-charge of the on goings. Four tall watchtowers were erected in each direction to track any hostile activity. A temporary road was laid down from the nearest city, Andreas to the excavation site, for bringing in supplies and troops. Two guards at a watchtower drank and conversed- “It feels like I have spent an eternity in this gruesome jungle. For once, you can quench a man's thirst for wine but you can never satiate his hunger for gold. Just because legends say that this mammoth shelters species of rare resources and treasures beyond imaginations, fools sitting in the court command annihilation of their own mother fucking nature. Mark my words, there will be repercussions. Grave repercussions!" "Fuck Legends, the only thing I want right now is more of this heavenly drink!" - chuckled another guard.
        "I see movement!" - alerted a guard from the watchtower. A knight was riding towards the excavation site. Upon observing the rider's banner, the guards waved a green flag to signal that it’s a friendly approach. The banner had the sigil of Fortis - a CENTAUR holding two swords and a shield on his back. People of Fortis revered Centaurs, as they believed, it made them mighty in combats and swift at horse riding. "It's Ser Cicero" - one speculated. "How do you know?" - asked another. "Don't you see that white shimmering beauty that he is gliding on?" - said a third one. Ser Cicero was middle-aged soldier, well built with broad shoulders and military haircut - perfect citation of a brave knight. He slowed down near the entrance and the path was cleared for him as everyone watched Sultan in awe. Sultan was perhaps the most talked about horse in all of Fortis. He was rapid, tough and magnificent- rarest of all. King Leron, the ruler of Fortis had honored Ser Cicero with ‘Sultan’ as a reward for saving his life once, on a hunting expedition that went ugly.
 Cicero dismounted near a sub-ordinate who was managing the lot. A squire took Sultan away to the stable. The knight was escorted inside the chamber of Lord Blasius, the chief-in charge. Ser Cicero greeted Lord Blasius by doing a half Namaste with one hand - the royal greeting of knights. Blasius who was deeply fixated on what looked like the blueprints of the Horrow, seemed disinterested at first but then realized it was the fearless knight himself. Cicero handed a scroll and said – “Lord Blasius! The king asked me to deliver this to you”. “About time, Ser Cicero. But I am a bit dazed. Aren't you a little too accomplished to do a frivolous job like this?”- Blasius mocked. "I was on my way to the High Fort and I don't mind doing the frivolous!" - Cicero replied plainly. Blasius smirked. Ser Cicero was always dubious about Blasius as he believed the mishap at the hunting expedition was deliberately planned by Blasius, who was the guide and leader for that expedition. Blasius dismissed the accusation and he couldn’t be proved guilty. Still, on the words of Cicero, King Leron demoted Blasius, from Lord of High Fort to chief-in-charge of civil works. After this, Blasius and Cicero never came to good terms. The scroll read -

Lord Blasius, the spies affirm that our friends might just be ahead of us. I hope you are leaving no feather unturned. Faith of Fortis lies in you! Send me the complete details of this week. On a lighter note, your project has been approved and sent to Helix for thorough study.

       Cicero had already left the chamber. Blasius picked up a quill and spent almost an entire hour-glass pouring down words on papers, when suddenly - "My Lord! We have found the entrance to the Sanctum!” - Sazar, the stout commander came hustling in. Lord Blasius stood up in exhilaration which knocked off the pot of ink on the documents kept on the table. Blasius tried to save whatever he could but by then the blueprints were already ruined. He sneered at Sazar but the deed was done. “Out of the way you bags of scum!” - Blasius cut through the crowd. "Get me a fucking torch!" - he yelled. Sazar lit a torch and handed it to him. "None shall follow me!" - Blasius declared. His voice had an uncommon mixture of curiousness and spookiness. He stood at the brim of the pitch-black tunnel only to see a faint light at its tail.
"Could this be it?" - Blasius murmured to himself.


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