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“Who are these so-called Bounty Hunters?” – Rueben asked. Mack took a deep sigh and started to explain - “Bounty Hunters was a secret society of foul mercenaries. These voracious mercenaries craved only one thing – Gold. Give them the right amount of gold and they’ll cause absolute mayhem. Known as the masters of strategy and camouflage, stories say that they could easily take down heavily guarded castles.” “Camouflage? So that’s what the green capes were for!” – Reuben mulled. Mack nodded his head and continued - “During the reign of King Leron’s father Adam–The Brave, the notoriousness of Bounty Hunters was at its peak. If there was any immoral activity going on in the realm you could bet your ass that they had to be involved in one way or the other. People started calling them the Hounds, because some of them fed on human meat. The King had no choice but to pass a search and kill order for every cape bearer. It was a dark time! Soon, most of the Bounty …


“Your kind shall not survive! At last, I am free… Now you shall feel my wrath. All life shall destroy!” – A nightmare woke Blasius up. He was sweating profusely. He quaffed down some water to regain his senses and opened the drapes of his chamber to soothe down his uneasiness. The surroundings were eerily quiet. Most of the guards were snoring their lungs out. Even the workers and slaves were signing one last agreement with their so-called beds under the white blemished black canopy. Blasius had spent quite a few nights in the Horrow, but there was something odd about this one. “Maybe it’s the cube?” – Blasius pensively went to sleep.
“This is the most peaceful I have felt since we got posted in this hell-hole!” – Birk said gulping down his favorite wine. “I won’t take back a half-filled wine barrel with me, so we better chug this thing down to the bottom before sunrise!” – Birk and Tim joyfully smashed their mugs together and slurped. “You know, something interesting happened today. I…